Thursday, December 4

What can brown do for you?

Well, we've got a bit of news to share... Roy is a UPS employee for this holiday season! He has a temp job as a driver's assistant. Today was his first day.

Its pretty neat how he got the job, since he wasn't even looking for one. We operate a home business and do a lot of shipping with UPS- we have an account with them and our local driver, Mike, makes almost daily stops here. Over the last 2 yrs, we've gotten to know him pretty well. He has become quite impressed with Roy and his strong work ethic. When Roy was gone on his mission trip to the Ukraine this past summer, Mike inquired weekly about Roy's well being and when he would be back, etc... He even gave Roy a UPS t-shirt as a welcome home gift.

Well, Scott got a phone call about 2 weeks ago from Mike asking permission to have Roy be his personal driver's assistant for the holidays. He knows Roy works with Scott all day on our home business stuff, so we thought that was very nice to ask us first. Scott thought about it and asked Roy if he would even be interested, and when he was, gave the OK for Roy to apply.

So Mike gave Roy all the details then proceeded to ask him every day if he had applied, did he get the call for an interview yet... etc... Mike was also daily contacting the guy who does the interviews and hiring if he had reviewed Roy's application and made arrangements for the interview yet. I guess the guy who interviews/hires is a good friend of Mike's.

Roy finally got all the application/interview stuff done and had orientation yesterday- then he was on the job today. Mike picks Roy up here at the house, they do the deliveries and then he drops him right back here at home! You can't beat that! $8.75/hr and almost guaranteed overtime hrs as they get closer to Christmas.

The best thing about this job is that if Roy proves himself a hard worker, he has his foot in the door for a permanent position if one becomes available! When they arrived here after the route today, I went out to snap a pic of Roy on the truck and Mike called out to me that we should be very proud of our son, he is a hard worker and he was very impressed. Yes, I am proud of him!


Anonymous said...

Wow! Handsome nephew in all brown...even the shoes. He is a good worker, they are definitely getting their money's worth and more! And how awesome is UPS for a first job? Much better than McDonald's!!! :) I'm such a proud auntie!!!

B.E.Hughes said...

I am SO EXCITED for this opportunity for my eldest grandson! Woo Hoo! Way to go, Roy! Love you! I am PROUD of you! Isn't God so good to you, over and over?

Michelle said...

WOOHOO!! He looks great!!

Alice said...

Good for Roy. When Steve let me hire him to help with the file scanning, he was an awesome worker. Everyone was impressed. I am glad that God dropped this job into his lap. Thanks for sharing.

preacher said...

I'm so happy for Roy and very proud of my eldest grandson! I'm praying he'll get hired full time.

Anonymous said...

wow, that is great, Charity!!


Hazel Eye Beauty said...

Wow, that is good news! He will be really busy this month! Im glad he got his foot in the door, UPS is a good company, and jobs are very scarce right now! Do your best Roy, and keep your testimony and people will notice you're different, and that will set you apart from others, and your bosses'will appreciate that, as well as your customers in this groucy time of year! CONGRATS!