Monday, November 24

A tasty variation of the mug cake!

I tried the mug cake recipe and, while its not as good a boxed cake mix is, it would definitely work in a pinch for that cake craving if you don't have any mix. So, I got to thinking, if you can mix this up and microwave it in a mug, I wonder if an actual cake mix would also work in small portions and microwaved. So I picked up a Betty Crocker French Vanilla cake mix when I was at the grocery store the other day. I measured out the same amount of tablespoons of the dry mix as is called for in the mug recipe (10 tbsp) and mixed in one egg, 3 tbsp oil and 3 tbsp water (water instead of milk, since the cake mix calls for water due to already having dry milk in the mix). I mixed the batter in a wide cereal bowl instead of a mug and microwaved it for about 3 minutes. IT WORKED! It made a yummy little cake that tasted just like the mix you bake in the oven!! MMMmmmm!!! I'm loving this new little trick!


B.E.Hughes said...

Ooh, you could keep the bag for 'next time' handy where you can eat "whenever!"

Alice said...

mmmmmm, yummy!

Mary said...

You can also mix up the batter as directed on the box and put 1 cup of batter in a mug at a time and make lots of mini-mug cakes. We've done this before.